Indoor Furniture Plant


Located at North East of Surabaya, 30 to 40 mins. by car from Juanda International airport of Surabaya and 15 minutes by car to Tanjung Perak International sea port. The factory occupies of 2.8 hectares land with +/- 2 hectare covered area for production processing zone, considered as one of the compliance vendor manufacturing Outdoor and Indoor Furniture in Indonesia. We have established our own Standard Operating Procedure, continuously maintained by our in-house QA inspectors who are well trained. Each stage of our production process is being filtered with a systematic Production Quality Station (PQS). PQS means a station where any defects is sorted out relevant to the process to be carried out in each particular spot where the PQS is located at, from incoming raw materials, milling, clamping, veneering, assembly, upholstery, finishing and up to packaging and loading process. Apart from our own Standard Operating Procedure on manufacturing wooden Indoor and Outdoor Furniture, we also provide our QA inspectors with a Quality Assurance Manual Book alongside with the provision of training in accordance to US and European Indoor and Outdoor Manufacturing Standard.

Production Process

  • 1. In coming raw materials
  • 2. Rough and fine milling
  • 3. Clamping and Lamination
  • 4. Final sanding and assembly
  • 5. Veneering
  • 6. Repairing Items - Finishing
  • 7. 1 lines of 700 meters Conveyorized Finishing
  • 8. Packing and Loading