About Skyline

PT. Skyline Jaya was officially established on 2005. Operates on 2 main factories with a vast total area of ±10 hectares with approximately 1,000 employees. Each and every piece of the product is designed, researched and produced at its very own facility. Current annual production output is 800 of 40 feet dry containers, sailed to each continent of the globe.

There are in total 10 distributors at the moment (United Kingdom, United States of America, Spain, Rep. Dominica, Mexico, Middle East, Australia, Singapore, Hongkong and Japan) catering for different neighbouring countries off their home base. Skyline design ® has also been present at different hospitality projects, both private and commercial, throughout the world. In addition besides marketing its own label, PT. Skyline Jaya also caters for custom designs suited to our clients request.

Our Vision

To become a leader and global player, among the best world class company for long term growth by mastering and developing our people competence


Our Mission

People : Continuous Improvements in every sector
Punctuality : Customers are assured of prompt production and delivery.
Product : Provide quality products that meets our customer's needs.
Profitability : Maintain synergistic partnerships.

The History

The present status of PT. Skyline Jaya owes to the humble beginning of the establishment of PT. Union Rattan back in 1986. Major business activities at the time was in natural rattan trading in its basic form i.e. as raw material, being exported to different countries.

A year later lead to the transformation of PT. Balirotan Mas in Surabaya as well as CV. Belanico in Cirebon and in Gorontalo. Both companies involved themselves, apart from raw material trading, into the manufacturing business of the natural rattan into furniture. At this time, the national furniture industry also witnessed the birth of our other sister company located in Kalimantan, namely PT. Pradipta Ratanindo and CV. Bati Bati Makmur, and then PT. Skyline Jaya was established.


  • November 1986 : PT. Union Rattan was established in Surabaya, Jawa Timur.
  • August 1987 : PT. Union Rattan was transformed into PT. Balirotan Mas residing at its original address in Surabaya
    CV. Belanico in Cirebon and in Gorontalo were established
    PT. Pradipta Ratanindo and CV. Bati Bati Makmur were established in Banjarmasin.
  • December 2005: PT. Skyline Jaya was established following the expansion of business line of outdoor and indoor furniture.